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Storage Types

Personal Storage Personal  Storage 

Storage for Moving/Remodeling

Are you waiting to move into a new home, or remodeling your home?  Storing what you need temporarily until    your job or home is completed will save you space,  and keep your items from being damaged.

Storage for Traveling/Deployment

Traveling out of town for an extended work trip, or on military assignment.?Why carry rent on your apartment if you aren’t even going to be here?  Store any or all of your items economically and safely.

College Storage

Need a place to store your stuff for the summer?  Why haul everything back and forth when you can store your stuff locally, and just pick It up on your way back to school.

Extra Room

Sometimes you just need extra room.  Use one of our rooms for that extra space you need from seasonal supplies, space to store extra things when guests come, or to remove clutter to show off your house.  We have a size for any need.

Business Storage

Temperature Controlled Storage

Need a storage solution that will maintain a constant temperature for your business needs.  We have a solution for you that will meet your requirements and keep your product safe.

Construction Storage

When you need to get to your equipment quickly, Versatile Storage makes it easy.  All of our units offer drive up access, and varying sizes to store your construction materials or equipment with easy access.

Real Estate Storage

Always on the move?  Need a place to keep your signage, flags, marketing materials, or any showcase furniture for empty houses.  We provide easy access and sizes for all your needs.

Retail Storage

Need a place to store your retail goods in a safe and secure place? Take advantage of bulk purchasing power, or special sales to stock up on items, and store them easily on site, and have ready access to your stock as you need it.

Archive Storage

Need to store important papers or documents for long periods of time?  Versatile storage is the perfect place to securely store documents which you don’t need onsite.  Your documents will be secure, safe and readily accessible.

Office Storage

Want to keep your business items out of the office and easily accessible?  Store extra furniture, equipment, supplies offsite yet readily accessible to grow as your business grows.

Vehicle/RV Storage

Car Storage

Have a classic machine that you don’t want to keep out in the elements, or an extra vehicle you want to hold on to until your child is ready to take it?  Roadside is not the safest place, and why would you want to occupy space in your garage for a car you don’t use regularly.  You can keep your vehicle stored, protected, secure, away from the elements and readily accessible.

Trailer or RV Storage

No space to keep your RV or trailer at home?  Don’t like the site of your RV or trailer in your yard.  Versatile Storage has a variety of vehicle spaces to suit your needs.

Boat Storage

Dry dock your boat, or keep it stored inside in one of our securely enclosed units to keep your boat clean and safe.  Access your watercraft 365 days a year, and keep your driveway free and clear of the vehicles that need it.
ATV or Motorcycle Storage
Keep your motorcycle or ATV safe and secure in an enclosed unit.  Have control over who has it and keep it safe and secure from your kids.